Memoirs of Motherhood

As any mother is well aware, there is no career more demanding, exhausting, fun, or rewarding than motherhood.  
I have been employed in this career for five crazy but wonderful years.

 I have a lot to learn about this parenting thing and my poor children are forced to put up with a sometimes clueless mother,
but they're troopers I tell ya, and I love this gig more than I can describe.
Whether the day's happenings include smooching my baby's chubby cheeks, watching in horror as my child pulls down her pants and poops in a public place, or watching my two girls act out scenes from "Frozen" together, I like to document it all in my "Memoirs of Motherhood", because though this is such a magical time of life for me, I'm sure that the sleep-deprivation-fog that is a mother's brain will not contain these precious memories in it forever.

Memoirs of Motherhood

God's Greatest Idea
Traveling with Children
I Guess Being Two is Hard
Motherhood and Sleep
What I'm Loving About Life
This Week's Mommy Musings
Getting a Little Sentimental
Motherhood: Stripped of Pride
The Stay-at-Home Mom
~ Happy With a Life of Regrets
Quirky Kids
I Love this Stage!
No Higher Calling
A Day in the Life of a Mom
Little Things
How do you parent a child like Kenadie?

Ode to people who are wiser than I am
~ She's Driving me SANE!
~ Today
Too Much Fun
This One's For the Girls
~ My Epiphany at -10 Degrees
I love my days off because of the following
What Have I Done?

To Lila
Mom Guilt
~ Visuals of a Superhero
Did you Know?
What's Been Going on in our Humble Abode
This is My Life
~ Just One of Those Days...
One of my least favorite inevitabilities of parenthood
The Silver Lining
Kenners Wuz Here
~ Awww, Nuts!
~ A better me for a better them
~ My Favorite Part of the Day

~Happiness is...
~ Must-Have Mufflers
~ Confessions of a Failing Super Oberg
Little Miss Personality

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