December 1, 2011

What have I done!?

Look at this cute little mug:

Her world just got rocked to the core, and I think we're all in for a few (hopefully only a few) long nights.  Today she discovered that her binkie "broke", or in other words: Garrett snipped the tip off while she wasn't looking. 

Binkies have been strictly for bedtime only since Kenners turned one, but she has slept with that thing every night for the past two years.  Garrett and I decided it was time to get rid of the pacifier since she's started throwing fits wanting it during the day recently.  

I've been avoiding this night for awhile like one would avoid putting an old dog to sleep.  It's necessary and time, but painful to do.  So I had Garrett do it.  And the waterworks were pretty immediate when we put her to bed and she discovered that her binkie "broke".  And 30 minutes later, she is still crying.  She throws tantrums and cries a lot anyway, but this is a heartbroken cry and it makes me so sad that I'm tempted to run to the store and get another one.  She keeps crying from her room and through her sobs is calling out for me to "fix it" and keeps asking to "snuggle momma".  Poor thing, I feel so bad!  I can't wait until she gets used to the binkie's absence because as much as her heart is broken right now, mine may be even more so!


Claire Christensen said...

Oh No!!! Poor Kenadie!!! Poor Mama and Daddy!!! I'm feeling so badly for all of you! But I'm proud of your attempt because it doesn't get any easier, I think?

Tina said...

This is SO going to be us in a few months. Sullivan only gets it at bedtime too, but loves it dearly! I'm so very anxious to hear how this goes...sending good vibes your way!!

Clint and Whit Smith said...

Just stick to it, it gets easier, I promise. My little boy was the same way and the whole first week i was so tempted to go the the store and buy him a new one but I am glad we just stuck to it and suffered through the pain!!!

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