January 4, 2010

Brooke Angel Beus

This is my Brookie girl.
Brooke is a beautiful, blonde, vivacious, outgoing, sweet young lady who's strength and perseverance has impacted hundreds if not thousands of others' lives.
Just before her 15th birthday in 2004, she suffered a traumatic head injury when a car smashed into the minivan that carried her and her seven other siblings and cousins on their way home from seeing a matinee at the movie theatre.
The only one to emerge from the wreck scratch-free, Brooke was also the only one who still suffers from such a serious injury; but I've never seen a stronger, more inspiring individual in all my life. She battles illness and adversity, deals with set-backs and triumphs, and still enjoys watching football and chick flicks with hot guys in them.
I was blessed and privileged enough to take care of Brooke during my college years while I was home during Christmas and summer breaks.
I've missed her a lot in the past few years that I've been married and away from home.
It was good medicine the other day to sit beside her, introduce her to Kenadie, and hold her hand while we watched college football.
And this is Sandy, Brooke's mother and a second mommy to me.
I've missed you, Sandy!


Nicole said...

THis is such a sweet post Holly! I am so glad you were able to visit her!

Anonymous said...


You should suggest this to the family. It's worth a shot.

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