Memoirs of a Nurse

I graduated with my bachelor's in nursing in 2006 and have experienced 6 wonderful years in the greatest career out there (besides motherhood). 
I have been on several Labor and Delivery internships and have worked as a nurse in ICU, oncology, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, Alzheimer's and memory care, and currently work part-time in an orthopedic surgery clinic.  

In my short career I have been blessed with this wide range of experiences that have helped me not only to grow as a nurse, but as a human being.  While I have documented some of these experiences on my blog as they have happened, I am attempting to go back and write about all my nursing experiences because every job I have had has impacted my life in a huge way.

Memoirs of a Nurse

Miracles (Memoirs of a Cancer Nurse)
My Intro Into the World of Oncology Nursing
Memoirs of a Cancer Nurse
Happy With a Life of Regrets
Little Things
Families are Forever (Memoirs of a Med Surg Nurse)
Reminders of What I am Truly Grateful For (Memoirs of a Med Surg and Cancer Nurse)
Lessons and Goals (Memoirs of a Med Surg Nurse)
Consolation (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
"Thank You" (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
The Usual (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
2am Pukefest--You Know you're a Nurse When....
Little Old Alzheimer's Patients Say The Darndest Things! (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
The Ladies' Man (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
"I don't think they've ever been so clean!" (Memoirs of an Alzheimer's Nurse)
Dear Cancer (Memoirs of a Cancer Nurse)
So what do you do as a nurse? Give shots?

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