October 12, 2010

The Usual

Today I walked through the door at work.

I spotted my very spunky and talkative Mrs. L.  "You look great today!  Are you feeling great today?"  I ask.  She replies in her raspy voice, "Well, as the spirit moves me."  Pause.  And then, "but that's always how it is with these things.  And you better not let them know about it, either."  Oh, I won't!

Then I worked on Mrs. D's feet.  She kept saying--word for word--what she always does: "Did you know that I am a member of the Carlos Santana fan club??  I bet you never thought an 87 year old woman would be into that stuff!  But I love Carlos Santana, baby!"

And then as I passed through the dining room during lunch, I saw Mr. T. sitting at a table, smiling at Mrs. F who was sitting across from him.  Mr. T. is notorious for flirting with the ladies, so he naturally moved in for the kill and grabbed Mrs. F's hand, smiling even bigger.  Mrs. F scowled and slapped his hand away.  Mr T. only backed off when she held her hand high and threatened to slap him in the face.

So, today?  Business as usual.


The Wilson Family said...

LOL! I really wish I would have recorded some of the things that I heard at the nursing home...it was great!

Tanaya and Tim said...

Hey Holly! It sounds like things are going well. I loved this post, because I used to work in a fitness center in a hospital and a majority of our members sounded just like your examples. So crazy...and so funny! Thanks for sharing!

Claire Christensen said...

That is funny!!!

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