About Us

Why, hello. And welcome to our blog! 
We are the Christensens.

 First there's this guy

 who I've been sharing crazy adventures with for over 9 years (7 of those spent married).
Garrett is a super chiropractor, husband, and daddy who keeps our family aligned, healthy, and having fun.  I kind of adore him.

Together we have three awesome kids.
Kenadie (often referred to as Kenners):
our independent, sassy, imaginative, and loving big sister.

Lila Claire:
my snuggle bug and "mini me", but with much more spunk and personality in one of her princess twirls than I think I've ever had in my life.

And Soren:
our precious, cuddly, and very loved baby boy who is as happy as a clam as long as he's fed and being held (particularly by his mommy). 

And I am Holly:
 writer and recorder of all Christensen shenanigans.
I am not a super-organized, prim-and-proper, all-my-ducks-in-a-row kind of a mom. 
I have a decent camera but am no photographer and shamefully take most of my pictures with my iPhone in one hand while holding the baby in another.
I don't make my kids creative breakfasts (sometimes I just throw them a banana while trying to shovel oatmeal into their mouths while they are on the go).
My house is usually a mess.
My sewing skills have not improved much since the 8th grade.
My crafty skills are amateurish at best and I have a few Pinterest epic fails under my belt.
I'm not a gourmet chef (though I love to bake me some bread!).
While I enjoy being active--hiking, yoga, and the like--I am no marathon runner or inspirational fitness guru.

So if you're looking for a blog full of crafty, talented, inspiring ideas,
you've probably come to the wrong place.
But if you've ever walked in on your toddler drinking from the toilet,
enjoy pictures of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness (we always welcome visitors!),
have ever been thoroughly embarrassed by your children in public, 
or just like to get a laugh out of other people's mishaps,
then you have definitely come to right blog! 

Though I am no super-mommy-blogger, 
but I super-fiercely love my children, love being a mommy, and love writing about it in my "Memoirs of Motherhood" posts.
Though my family is the focus of my life, I am also a nurse (semi-retired while I raise the kidlets), and I occasionally like to share some of my hilarious, stressful, triumphant, and spiritual experiences that the nursing field has afforded me in my "Memoirs of a Nurse" posts.
I am also a Mormon and have a great love and appreciation for my Savior Jesus Christ.  I occasionally write about how my relationship with Him influences and shapes my life in my "Spiritual Enlightenment" posts.

I love to document all the joy, pain, laughter, and tears of our beautiful life and enjoy being able to share it with our family and friends through this blog. 

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