October 10, 2010


I feel like this date in history should have an exciting post to go with it.
Luckily, I have 10 exciting things to report:

1. My old roommate and BFF Megan is getting married in December (to a man that I completely approve of, by the way)!  CONGRATS, Megs!  I am now feverishly working on a plan to get myself to that wedding....

2. Kenners and I got to see my brother, Bret, for a few hours while he was on a layover in Minneapolis.  Sure, it was last week, but I'm posting this sweet pic. now:

(Kenners pretty much adored her uncle.)

3. I am getting closer and closer to finishing my "quiet book" for Kenners during church.  I have cut out a bajillion pictures of Jesus Christ that depict his life stories, wrote a little synopsis for each picture, and laminated the pages into a PBJ/juice-resistant book.  I received the inspiration from this wonderful talk from our church's General Conference last year.  It left a huge impression on me and gave me motivation to do my part as a parent to teach my children about their Savior, Jesus Christ.  Curious thing: though I have read the scriptures and heard these stories my whole life, I am still learning so much doing this project and am starting to think that I may gain more from it than my children will!

4. I went on a fabulous date with my honey last night.  Ahhhh, so needed!

5. On said date, we ate at my favorite restaurant, Big Bowl (Chinese and Thai cuisine).  We ate the MOST DELICIOUS soup I think I've ever had: Pumpkin Coconut Soup.  It may not sound that exciting, but I bet even the Soup Nazi has never created such a masterpiece.

6. After thinking about Pumpkin Coconut Soup all day today, I googled it and found a few recipes that actually look delish!  So, I will spend tomorrow making a few dozen gallons of this heavenly soup. Happiness.

7. Tomorrow = Columbus Day = Garrett has a day off = Mommy can go grocery shopping Kenners-free = awesome!

8. Garrett found an office chair in the dump in perfect condition.  It is super nice and probably worth $100+.  We are so stinkin' blessed.  I love the dump.

9. I got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.  Greatest. Feeling. Ever. 

and last, but not least, 

10. Our trip to Alaska is set for Christmas!  Most of my family AND most of Garrett's family will all be there!  Can life get any better!?  Oh, yes it can.  We will all spend a few days of pre-Christmas-wonderful at Alyeska Ski Resort!  Sigh.  Just gonna be lovin' it... :)

Oh, 10.10.10., thanks for being so awesome!

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Claire Christensen said...

Clever Blog, why don't I think of things like this!

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