April 22, 2011


If we HAD to leave San Diego and return to snowy Minnesota, 
at least we've had the following to console us:

**Grandma got Kenadie a little "Leaptop" for the plane ride home.  This was a life saver
Every plane trip we've had with Kenadie thus far has been full of tantrums, screaming, and boxing matches between parent and child.  Doesn't help that Kenners refuses to nap anywhere but in her bed.....but THIS time!  This time, we had a direct flight back to Minnesota, Kenners played on her leaptop half the flight, and then SLEPT the other half.  I was able to devour my book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (which I highly recommend, by the way), in peace and quiet.  Best flight ever!

**Working lots.  Okay, going back to work after a relaxing vacation isn't necessarily my favorite, especially since I don't like being away from Kenadie all day, but I did miss my little old Alzheimer patients and the awesome things they say.  Like this conversation that took place in the dining room yesterday:

Little Old Lady: (pointing at my expanding belly) Now honey, that is exactly the kind of trouble that is NOT going to attract the young men. They aren't going to go for a girl who's gotten herself into a pickle like that!
Little Old Man: (to Little Old Lady): That's not true!  She's still a fine young lady.  They say she's the best around here and I know for a fact that she always takes good care of folks.  
Little Old Lady: (to Little Old Man): Oh, go on! What would you know!?
Little Old Man: Believe me, I know.  I make it my business to know these things. (to me) Honey, you'll still be able to attract plenty of fine young men. 
They won't mind much.  Besides, you can always hide the bump a little.
Me: Thanks, but I'm actually already married, so luckily I won't be needing to attract any young men.
Little Old Lady:  Oh sure, I've heard that one before!
Isn't my job awesome!? :)

**SLEEP!  After traveling across multiple time zones, Kenners takes a good month to readjust to sleeping well at night and sleeping past 5am.  Well.....Kenners has slept through the night (and until 7am!) since we've been home.  Truly, I am living a fairytale life!

**A bunch of free clothes!  Besides being a wonderful babysitter and someone who Kenners adores, Kenadie's babysitter is also a good friend who graciously hands down her daughter's ridiculously cute clothes to Kenadie.  This week we brought home a box of clothes to outfit her for this summer and next winter, as well as 14 adorable dresses.  Score!

**Greek Yogurt skin treatments at "Spa Christensen":
This is just how Kenners helps soothe her post-vacation blues. :)

**7-ish weeks until D-day!  I can't believe that we're inside two months of welcoming Baby Sister into the family.  I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time!  (Any other mothers out there who had "what-am-I-about-to-get-myself-into" moments when they were about to have their 2nd or 3rd or 4th babies?).  And have I mentioned that I'm nesting like crazy!?  Definitely keeping me busy during any down-time.  June will be here before I know it....
(taken at 32 weeks pregnant)

(the men were apparently feeling a little left out of the baby bump photos!?)

**Cousin play-dates.  We've missed our Ellis cousins while in San Diego.  Kenners has been asking for "Bwookie", so we're going to spend some time at my sister's today! :)  
Must soak in e.v.e.r.y. moment we have with them before we no longer live close to them.... :(

I guess coming home isn't so bad after-all!  In fact, it's been good.  The fact that it snowed the other day isn't even getting me down!

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