April 20, 2011

"Rabbie, rabbie!"

This is Papa's waterfall:
Kenners fell in love with it while we were in San Diego.  She wanted to take plunges in the little pond at the bottom, and she especially loved the little froggies that live there:

In fact, she has developed a little obsession with frogs.
Grandma Christensen has little ceramic frogs on her front porch, and Kenadie loved those, too.

Every time she saw them, she'd croak, "Rabbie, rabbie!" (ribbit, ribbit)
She loved those frogs so much that she spent several days taking one of the ceramic frogs on rides in the baby stroller.
And then she dropped it.
And it broke.
Apparently, this was quite traumatic for her, because now whenever we mention frogs, she throws her arms in the air and in a desperate tone shouts, "Bwoke!"
Luckily, she has found a little reprieve from her mourning over the "bwoken fwog" in her new favorite movie, "Tangled".  She happily thinks that the little chameleon, Pascal, is a froggie.

I'm not about to correct her anytime soon. :) 



The Clingo Family said...

That is SO funny because Tangled is one of Noah's new favorite movies as well!! But, his favorite animal in that movie is the horse!

Claire Christensen said...

I miss you all so much!

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