March 18, 2010

Whatever makes your socks go up and down....and the "Ladies' Man"

I have a precious little shadow in the Kenners.  
She wants to be a big girl and do all the things that mommy does.
She has decided that she hates her highchair and her baby food
but she opens her mouth and begs like a little baby bird when I'm eating my "grown-up people food".  
I sat up against the couch the other night and did a little crafting while watching American Idol.
So Kenadie had to come sit next to me to watch TV too.
This was the position she assumed:

Grabbing onto me for dear life, head wedged up against the couch, legs up in the air, intently watching the contestants sing their hearts out on TV. 
Whatever makes your socks go up and down, little girl!

On another note
I've always thought of a "ladies' man" looking somewhat like this:

Or like this:
(this is my very hot husband, and he is very embarrassed that I am posting this picture)

Apparently, when you're 90 years old
a ladies' man does NOT look like this.
For the 90 year-old population of women, a ladies' man has dentures, a walker, white hair, nasty toenails, and a killer sense of humor.
One of my little old men where I work is the resident ladies' man.  
All the little old ladies fight to sit by him during bingo, follow him everywhere, and flirt with him hopelessly from dawn until midnight-ish.
I think it annoys him.
(I know it annoys his wife when she comes to visit. )
But he's so sweet (and so pleasantly confused about life) that he never openly complains. 

The other day we received news that our ladies' man is going to be moving out of state with his wife to be closer to their children and grandchildren (or is it so that his wife can get him away from his adoring fans!?). 
How will our little old ladies ever get over the loss of their studly, hunk-a-licious man!?
Do women in their 90s still require lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to get over a break-up?
It may be a rough month at our facility....

1 comment:

Talia said...

*sigh* Oh how I love me some Brad Pitt!! ;)

Kenadie is ridiculously cute, but I don't mind a few random pictures of Brad Pitt every now and then! Hehe :)

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