March 19, 2010

60 degrees + sun + March in Minnesota = Heaven on earth

It was beautiful and sunny yesterday.
60 degrees, people!
I was in heaven.
I convinced Garrett to take a break from studying so that we could take a walk to the park and let Kenadie discover the great outdoors.
He was kind enough to get the Kenners dressed for our outing.
She came out in this little knitted hoodie:
I think I peed a little in my pants from laughing so hard.  
 Not only did the image of those doughy, round cheeks spilling out from around that little hood
really magnify their size,
but her hoodie makes her look like Casper (the friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost we know).  
Pretty awesome.
And the park was pretty awesome too. 
  The Kenners experienced the slide and swings
 watched Daddy on the monkey bars
and discovered (and ate) the sand:

And I did a sloppy, one-handed cartwheel:
(Can't see why I wouldn't make the gymnastics Olympic team...)

Today it is cold and cloudy, and it's supposed to snow.
*Sorrow for sin*
Oh, well.  At least we're going into spring and not into winter.  It won't be long before 60 degrees seems chilly!  Hooray!


Talia said...

That is so funny, she totally looks like casper! How did he even get that over her head and cheeks?!

Tina said...

Okay, that little sweater is hilariously adorable!! I just want to kiss her cheeks off!!

Adrienne said...

Hahaha! Give me a couple more pictures like that and maybe my water will break from laughing so hard! Love it!!!

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