March 20, 2010

A Moment of Greediness

It's a beeeeeauutiful Saturday morning. 
I am on-call this weekend and have been getting calls this morning since 5am, so my day started kind of early.
But I don't mind. 
Kenadie woke up.  I fed her.  She fell back asleep.
She is so deliciously cute, I can hardly stand it. 
So I'm reading a little scriptures
and letting my mind wander.
You'd think that my mind would immediately float to spiritual matters with my scriptures in front of me.
I guess I need to work on my spirituality, because I mind wandered to greedy desires.
For example:
I want a pair of red high heel shoes. 
I've never had red high heel shoes.  I don't know if I could pull it off, seeing as my wardrobe on my days off is so often yoga pants and a sweatshirt. 
I went shopping at our local thrift store yesterday.  
It was great and I got a lot of cute summer clothes, dresses, and pants for the Kenners, some large sweaters to turn into dresses for Kenners, and some shirts for myself all for under $40!  Woohoo! 
And I saw a pair of reeeeally cute red Steve Madden high heels that looked a lot like this:
 So cute.
It made me suddenly really want a pair. 
But, they were too small for me.  *sorrow*
So no red high heels for now. 

Then my thoughts drifted to laundry.
Ugh.  I hate laundry.
I have to haul the laundry down to the laundry mat, pay a lot of money to have a rickety old machine do a fair job at washing my clothes and then pay another machine to do a very poor job of drying them (I usually end up hanging a lot of our clothes to dry up around our little apartment). 
I wish I had a washer and dryer.  
I don't think I'd mind the laundry at all then.  It would be soooo much easier, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! 

Then I started looking through some blogs and had camera envy because so many bloggers out there have really good cameras to take amazing pictures with.  I would like to have a nice camera to get such nice pictures of our family life.

And now that I'm contemplating things a little more, 
I don't know that I'd change anything about my life.
It's okay that I don't have red shoes.  
That's something to look forward to someday.
It's okay that I have to drag my laundry down the stairs to the laundry mat
because someday I will have a washer and dryer and I will really appreciate it because I've had to go through a period of hanging my soaking laundry to dry all over my apartment.
And someday I will have a nice camera, but for the time being, our little digital camera will work just fine.  Besides, it's not like I taking photos for the National Geographic or anything.
I think I'll survive.

Actually, I'll do better than just survive, because my life is maybe just two crumbs shy of perfect.
I have a home.
I have a job.
I have a car that runs (not always great, but it gets us from A to B!). 
My husband is going through school to be able to help and serve others (and provide for the fam).
I have an incredibly cute, fun, vivacious little baby girl sleeping in the room next to me.
I can talk to my family on the phone whenever my little heart desires.
I can see my sister and her family often.
I get to go to San Diego in a month (woohoo!!)
and then to Utah in August (double woohoo!).
I have incredible peace and happiness in my life because I have the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Really, there is nothing more that I could ask for that would truly make my life better.
So go away greediness.
You have no place in my life.


Taffy and Tony said...

Oh so true. And let me tell you that I was in heaven when we finally got a used washer/dryer set that didn't match, and five years later, we're still using them, and I'm still GRATEFUL for them. The dryer, I'm sure, is in its last phase of life, but it still is better than the old way of going to the laundromat every week! Oh,and by the way, I better know when you come to Utah so we can have a cousins day.

Tanaya and Tim said...

It's been too long since I've checked your blog. You have such cute posts! Kenadie is still just getting cuter and cuter.

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