April 1, 2010

Little Old Alzheimer's Patients say the Darnedest Things!

Remember my unsuccessful shopping trip last weekend?
Well, I did manage to find one shirt for $9 at the Calvin Klein outlet.
It's a pink, flowy, kind-of-dressy shirt that I figured would be perfect for work 
(I have to wear "professional attire" for my job as a nurse, which has been a far cry from the scrubs that I'm used to wearing.)
 I decided to wear my new shirt to work yesterday.
While I was walking past one of my little old ladies who usually doesn't say much,
she looked at me, perked up, and asked,
"Oh, when are you due?"
I responded, "Oh, I'm not pregnant, Mrs. S!"
(I had a big lunch, but is it really showing that badly!?)
Then she replied, pointing to my shirt,
"Then honey, you might want to stop wearing maternity clothes."
Little old Alzheimer people are so honest.

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