April 1, 2010

284 Days of Kenadie

284 days ago
I got my first glimpse of this little person:

She came out screaming
and then after 5 minutes of her dramatics, 
she decided to cool it and assumed this position:
So much personality, even from the start!

It's hard to believe that she has now been out of the womb longer than she was inside.
I thought the nine months of pregnancy would never end with the over-abundance of puking, swelling, heartburn, and migraines.
Then I thought that the colic/reflux/allergy/whatever-they-were days would never end with their eternal nights of 3 hours of sleep (or less).
And now, I just can't believe that Kenners is cruising furniture, throwing tantrums, cutting teeth, eating whatever she finds on the floor (yikes!), and sporting an endless goose egg on her forehead from her Evil Knievel antics. 
I never thought I'd say this, but where have those nine months gone!?! 

 My beeeeeautiful child:
  Kenadie is my little companion, my entertainment, my motivation, my comedy, and my 6am coffee (caffeine and calorie-free!).
She is my sassy, chubby, TALL, chatty, blue-eyed, adventurous, silly little toot.
I'm soaking up and loving every moment.
She is just so much fun.

I spy 2 baby blues and 2 new baby teeth:

These days have arrived....
....and I'm not even sad or annoyed by it.


Taffy and Tony said...

To your last comment . . . not YET.

Laura said...

Holly, she is so stinking beautiful! I love this post- what a fun little girl she looks like! I love it that our kiddos are around the same age/stage- it is so fun to relate to what's going on with your life that way!

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