October 17, 2011

Lessons and Goals

Take-home lessons from work this week:
 1. Really, really, REALLY: don't do drugs, kids.  Just don't.
 2. Dr. X is a grouch.
 3. I am no longer an "IV Master".  :( Skills must be regained!
 4. Time flies when you're overloaded with work.  12 hours sometimes feels like 2!
 5. Get a hospital ice machine for my home someday.  It's like Sonic ice, but even better.

Take home lessons from mommyhood this week:
 1. Don't wake up the sleeping children when you get home from work just because you haven't seen them all day.  Just don't.  Screaming, cranky children are not a fun consequence.
 2. Daddy's are just better at soothing the child with night terrors.  No mommy's allowed!? :(
 3. My children are scrumptious.
 4. The scrumptiousness of my children have slowed the unpacking and furniture refinishing to a snail's
pace.  So I plan to be be unpacked by Christmas. :)
 5. "Finding Nemo" costume = best find ever!
 6. I don't know if I'll ever get that costume off of Kenners......

Goals for this next week:
 1. Binkie-weaning for Kenadie.....so scared for this.  Hellllp meeeee!
 2. Repaint dresser for Kenadie's room.
 3. Get Dr. X to crack a smile.
 4. Once more become an expert IV starter.
 5. Get that Nemo costume off Kenadie and into the washer.


Clint and Whit Smith said...

I was so scared too when we were weaning our oldest off of his binky, but the way we did it was not bad at all. I would recommend it to anyone. We threw all of his binks away besides one of them. The one we kept we cut the nipple part off of it as short as we could and then just told him it was broken. Every time he would ask for it, we would just give him "the broken binky" He was fine with it because he was still getting what he asked for, but he just couldn't use it. The first night was the hardest but after that he did great. Every time we would go to the store in the baby section he would ask me to buy him new binkies but I would just avoid them and tell him that the store did not have anymore. Good Luck! Just stick to it and she will do awesome!!!! Miss you guys, hope you're enjoying your new place!

Camber said...

Plans for my future house: 1) Washer and Dryer. 2) Hospital ice machine (Best.Ice.Ever.) 3) Hospital Blanket warmer. Oh, I would die for a blanket warmer.

Elliott said...

Its so true about the hospital ice.

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