October 17, 2011

Farewell, Fall

A few weeks ago in the midst of our moving frenzy, we decided to take the afternoon off from unpacking to hike the Butte and enjoy one of the last nice days before the winter sets in.....
The hike was gorgeous.

Kenadie had a blast hiking and insisted on doing it all herself.  

 Baby Lila (or "Lala" as Kenadie has been calling her lately) was a little angel chillin' in the Moby Wrap.

The family at the top:

The ladies: me, baby Lila, Mommy Lila, and Annie.

Of course no outing with Kenners would be complete without getting herself completely dirty....  
She did a nice little face plant into the dirt on the way down, but it didn't faze her one bit.  She just kept running down the trail!

And of course, this morning we woke up to SNOW!  So long, Fall.  Now bring on the hot chocolate and blankeys!


hanna willardson said...

Ok. The Pictures of the mountians are AMAZING! Your making my totally jealous but whatevs. You daughter Kennedie is.... HILARIOUS! that picture of her with the dirt on her face screams joey to me for some reason! I LOVE IT! That picture needs to go on joeys hardcore neices and nephews album!

cmc photography said...
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cmc photography said...

You can give up your nursing job and become a National Geographic photographer. Amazing and SUCH beautiful photos- you are VERY talented. And, your cherub daughters grow cuter by the day. Jackson and Maxx are going to be fighting over them, I tell you!

(I have posted a few new photos of changing Utah colors on my web site, if you would like to see them. I would LOVE to be able to photograph some of what you get to see daily in Alaska: http://cmcphotography2009.blogspot.com )

Love and respect, always. :)

(I was able to do a photo shoot today of a young man and his family- he is leaving next week for his African mission. And, tomorrow, before church, another photo shoot of a Hawaiian beauty. Life does not get much better- unless you have all your tootsies to walk on FOR the photo shoot. :) )

And, I love your new blog look. You have so much creative talent- your family is LUCKY to have you. :)

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