May 3, 2010

2am Pukefest

You know you're a nurse when...
you walk to your child's room as she wimpers,
catch of whiff of something you've smelled 10,000+ times before,
can diagnose it instantaneously from that one whiff (chunky, orange-brown puke, 300ish cc's),
turn on the lights and---ding! ding! ding!---see the chunky, orange-brown puke everywhere
and think to yourself,
"Dang, I'm good!"


Rachel said...

You know you're a nurse when you enjoy talking about gross stories like that, even around the lunch table! :) So sorry you had to deal with that last night.

Laura said...

lol, it's a blessing and a curse!

Molomatic said...

One of my best friends is a nurse and you sound just like her! Too funny. Sorry about the puke though!

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