May 2, 2010

A Smorgasborg of Gratefuls

Today I am grateful for Chocolate Cheesecake with a Twix crust. 
I made some last night, and I would have posted a picture, but it came out pretty ugly-lookin' (it was my first cheesecake, okay?  I mean until just a few days ago, I had no clue what a "spring form pan" was.)
It cracked open on top and looked like a chocolate replica of the Grand Canyon. 
Ugly as it was, it still tasted good.
Sinfully good.

I'm grateful for good friends who had us over for grilled chicken, burgers, and homemade salsa.
I'm grateful that they helped us to eat some of that ugly cheesecake.

I'm grateful that while on vacation, Kenadie took regular naps and sleep through the night (for the most part).
 I feel optimistic that as soon as she readjusts to the time change, she will continue her new trick of sleeping like a champ!

 (just because I think she's a doll...)

 I am grateful for church callings.  I'm really, really grateful for church callings and how much they help me to grow and become a better person (I am hoping that the use of positive affirmations will make my new church calling lots of fun and not quite the daunting task or nightmare that it seems to be for many people...can you guess what it is!?)

I am grateful for the Dove chocolates that made my ugly cheesecake so yummy
I am no Paula Dean, so if I can make an ugly cheesecake that is still delish
then you can probably make it look nice and taste good.. 
And if you're thinking,
"But I don't have a spring form pan!",
then sign up for my $40 gift card giveaway
so that you can get one for free from!
You only have 2 more days left to sign up
and you know you want some chocolate cheesecake...


Talia said...

Remind me next time we talk to tell you all the cheesecake secrets!! It is my favorite dessert and I have been practicing for quite some time!! I can even share some amazing recipes!

The Allen Family said...

How do I sign up for that giveaway again? I definitely want to! IT was so fun to have you guys over last night. The cheescake was AWESOME and I thoroughly enjoyed my other piece this morning for breakfast (don't judge). Call me tomorrow so we can do something fun!

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