May 6, 2010

Rising from the dead

Did you ever play that game on the trampoline when you were a kid?
It's probably one of the most fun trampoline games ever....and much safer than "crack the whip".
However, taking that phrase literally,
rising from the dead is no fun.
I feel like that's what I just did this morning.
Let me just say that Kenadie has handled this stomach bug much better than I have.
As I was rolling around on the couch moaning last night and running to the loo frequently to up-chuck,
Garrett made the comment that it brought back memories of my pregnancy.
No!  Was I really this sick!? 
Yikes, because all I could do yesterday was turn on Wonder Pets for my crabby little Kenners and throw food at her (which she still won't eat....I have a hunch that she still isn't feeling like a million bucks). 

Thank heavens Wonder Pets now entertains her for 5 minutes at a time, because as soon as those five minutes were up, she was begging me for attention.
And how can you say no to this face??

We also had major wind, dark clouds, and tornado sirens going on and off all day long yesterday.
Tornado siren-y-ness.
Apartment messiness.
Ahh...this is the life!


mapmaker's wife said...

Actually yes - I believe I have played that childhood game. With you in fact - in your backyard being attacked by ferocious beasts (your dogs) on the way to the trampoline and getting some wicked hairdos from the static electricity.

Talia said...

I can't get over how pretty her eyes are!!!

Claire Christensen said...

No kidding, how do you say no to that face? Good Luck with that!

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