December 7, 2011

Oh, Christmas tree!

It's been a tiring week between crazy days at work and crazy days (and nights) at home with a sleep-deprived, nap-boycotting toddler who is learning to cope with a binky-less life.  
And then there's the snotty-nosed baby who's had some hard nights.  My poor little girls.
Throw in hours and hours of making Christmas gifts, and here we are a week into December with no tree or decorations....until tonight!  
We cut down a tree on my parents' property, let it thaw out in the garage for a few days, and decorated it tonight as a "date night" after the kids were in bed.
Here are the finished results:

Not bad for a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree, eh?  Wild Alaska spruce usually make pretty raggedly-looking Christmas trees, but I think this one is actually pretty nice!
My favorite ornament given to me by my mom because the snowman's cheeks are so reminiscent of my babies' chubby cheeks:
It's definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here!
Now to continue with the Christmas gifts, because cleaning my disastrous house just doesn't seem like much fun right now.....

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