July 16, 2011

Did you know....

....that my heart has recently doubled in size to hold all the love I have for this little peanut?

.....that she loves to be held?
......that she hates to be set down (and has the most incredibly loud diva cry to express her anger)?

(Once Mommy finally gets around to holding her, Lila promptly stops crying and passes out!)

.....that she is an awesome sleeper at night, often making it a 6 hour stretch between feedings? Heaven!


....that she is becoming quite the little smiler, earning her the nick-name "Smiley Ly-lee"? (I've only been able to get a half-smile on camera so far....)


...that she is the epitome of a "sweet baby"?

....that despite the exhaustion that comes from having two demanding little girls, life with them is absolutely perfect? 

Well, now you know!

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