July 16, 2011

A Little Family Getaway

Last week we took a last-minute road trip north to Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior.  
We've always heard that it is beautiful up there but had never been in our three years as Minnesotans.
Garrett was adamant that we were not going to leave this state without going to Duluth 
and last Friday seemed to be the only day available to go before we move, so on Thursday night we decided to just go the next morning!
We had a blast.....minus the road trip part.....if Lila wasn't crying, then Kenners was taking her turn exercising the vocal chords, all the way there (3 hours) and nearly all the way back.
It was a happy reminder to me of how grateful I am that the girls and I will not be making the long drive up to Alaska next month!
But besides the driving, we had so much fun!
We played for hours on the rocky beach.

Kenadie could have thrown rocks in the water all day long if we had let her.
And she loved sliding down the big rocks into the water.

Garrett went for a swim...

And I just chilled with "Baby Ly-lee" and played photographer.

We also went "hiking" to see Gooseberry Falls. (Someone had told us it was "quite a hike" to the falls, and when we got to the falls without hiking more than 50 vertical feet, I was a bit confused.....until I remembered that these people are Minnesotans and have likely never seen let alone hiked an actual mountain!)
The falls were beautiful.

And Kenners couldn't help but go for another swim.

Me and Lila (who is starting to grow her own pair of fluffy cheeks...love!)

We ended the day by eating fried walleye at a local place (yum), endured 2.5 hours of screaming girls on the way home, and enjoyed the last 1/2 hour of the trip (when the girls finally conked out) engaged in pleasant, peaceful conversation. :)
And those girls just look like little angels snoozing in their car seats.

It was definitely an awesome little family vacation,
one I would highly recommend for anyone in the area.

1 comment:

your math teacher said...

Wonderful photos, Holly. You are VERY talented. And, you paint such descriptive stories. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. :)

Good luck with your move to Alaska. Hope all will go smoothly for you.

Garrett looked like a an Olympic champion out in the water- he is VERY handsome.

love and respect, always. Cheryl

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