August 4, 2012

I love this stage!

Lately, I've been more resolved to actively teach Kenadie more about the gospel and our church: the concept of paying tithing, the fact that Jesus died for us and was resurrected, that the temple is a holy place where we get married and can be sealed together as families for eternity.  Well, apparently my little lessons have been sticking!  The other day, Garrett and I dropped the girls off at my parents' house so we could attend the temple in Anchorage and when asked where Mommy and Daddy were going, Kenadie replied: "They're going to the temple.  They're getting married."

I'm loving this stage that Kenadie is in.  The stage where she has had to wear her Minnie princess crown every day since her birthday at the beginning of the month.  
(I've had to tape this thing back together SO many times, it's driving me nuts!)

The stage where she pins her blankeys to her head to create the illusion of long, flowing, princess hair (remember those days!?).

The stage where she plays SO HARD until she literally crashes.

The stage where she is absorbing information like a sponge, able to carry on more complex conversations, starting to play with her sister, and discovering how much she loves to play with friends.


My little Lila is so different from her big sister: more mellow, more cautious.  She's been standing on her own for months but REFUSES to take a step on her own.  She needs the comfort of Mommy's hands to hold onto while she toddles around and even though she is 14 months old, I've been convinced it would be a few more months until she finally starts to walk on her own.  Well, while I was at work a few days in a row this week, she took off walking!  I had put to bed the night before a child who hadn't taken a single step, and came home to one who was excitedly taking multiple steps.  And is she ever proud of herself!

I love this stage that Lila is in.  The stage where she loves to be silly because she knows it gets her attention. 

The stage where she is learning and discovering so much every day.  The other day she discovered her nostrils and has had a fascination with them ever since!

The stage where she is beginning to speak (her first words: "baby" and "cheese").  The stage where she is beginning to mimic her big sister and those around her (for better or worse!).  

I'm not really loving the fact that she's growing and changing too fast; I do wish I could slow time down a bit.  Both my girls are just so much stinkin fun and I am learning that these days with my young babies are precious and fleeting.  So, after days in a row of Kenadie and Lila deprivation, I shamelessly enjoy staying at home in our pj's for a day just snuggling on the couch or playing with toys.  

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