November 27, 2012

Quirky Kids

Okay, so I won't pretend that motherhood is all rainbows and lollipops.  It is really. hard. work.

But, it's also the most fun I've ever had.  I love the funny things kids do and the little quirks they develop.  For example, after a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner with our Willardson/Oberg family, we went over to my parents' house to hang out (Kenadie LOVES going to her grandparents' house to play).  As soon as we got there, Kenadie immediately found her toys of interest to keep her occupied:
A fly swatter, some spoons, and a spaghetti colander.  This girl never ceases to make me laugh! 

 Lila, on the other hand, immediately spotted the object of her desire and began shouting, "Mama!  Mama!!" (whenever she wants anything, this is what she chants).  So she cozied herself on the couch with my sister's iPad.

Kenadie has a fear of blow dryers and curling irons.  I promise I've never burned her or blown hot air in her face, but she just hates them, which is just so tragic since she has this long, gorgeous, Rapunzel-esque hair.  That is, she hates them until Grandma Christensen comes to town, at which point she requests to have her hair curly and "pretty like a princess".  
(Is it wrong to be jealous of your daughter's amazing head of hair?!) 

And then there's Lila.  She rips out any little ponytail within minutes of it being put in.  So what do I do?  I never do it.  Until last week, I just had to put her hair in piggies a few times.

So cute.  And she has gradually gone from immediately ripping them out to letting them chill for a half hour, so you know, progress.

How about her love for wearing hats, particularly the Santa hats?

Or how about Lila's increasing obsession with finding the nearest male grown-up in the room, jumping into his arms, popping her thumb in her mouth, and snuggling?
(Here is Lila with her Papa.  We were so glad he and Grandma came to visit from California!)

Or how about Kenadie's insistence on pulling this face for every picture we take of her:

Luckily we finally coaxed a "pretty smile" out of her for her photo shoot with her cousins:

Whether they drive you nuts half the day or make you laugh every 30 minutes,
is there any better entertainment in life than children?  :)

1 comment:

Camber said...

Kenadie cracks me up so much--I LOVE the fly swatter/colander picture! And her hysterical facial expressions in every picture. And I'M jealous of her hair, for the record :)

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