December 5, 2012

My Little Buddy

My Kenadie is such a beautiful, fun little girl and she sure has kept me on my toes from day one!  We've experienced colic, epic tantrums and shouts of "You're the meanest mom!" at only 3 years old, eczema that leaves her scratching her body to a bloody mess, and less-than-stellar potty-training.  I've often thought that I'm glad my first child wasn't an easy baby or toddler.  She has kept me active and makes me a better person every day by teaching me more patience, love, laughter, and endurance.  Seeing as she brings so much joy into our family and is my "best buddy", all the difficulties of parenthood have been well worth it......but I'd sure like to get rid of the never-ending potty-training bit. :)

Kenadie seemed to grasp onto the idea of potty training right away.  After 2 days I thought, "What's all the fuss over potty-trainig about?!  This ain't bad at all!"  But then she quickly began to have dribbling accidents.  She just couldn't make it to the potty in time.  In the past year we have regularly gone through 4 pair of pants and underwear in a day.  It has been frustrating to say the least, but I figured that she was not quite 3 years old and that this would just take time......but then since this summer it has been one bladder infection after another, then finally a trip to the urologist, more bladder infections that an antibiotic couldn't seem to manage, and then last week a little something called a VCUG scan.  In a nutshell, it involves a catheter in the bladder, an injection of radioactive dye, and multiple x-rays (and a traumatized Kenners by the end of it).  The end diagnosis?  Urinary reflux.  Hence the infections and the constant dribbles.  Poor little lady.  Just one more thing to work through and work out until it (hopefully) resolves with time.  *sigh*  
The up side?  At least she doesn't have cancer.  And she got a new teddy bear after her scan that has become one of her best friends.  
So, life is good.  

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