March 17, 2012

Too much fun

Is there such a thing!?
Because sometimes I think being a mom is too much fun.  You know those people who swear they would never want to have kids and give up all that freedom and fun?  Yeah, they have no clue what fun they're missing out on.  
For example, five minutes of watching this little girl kick and squeal is definitely more fun than a trip to Vegas.

And no concert on earth could be as much fun as watching this little performer:

And maybe I'm stretching it a little with this one, but I swear that watching this little munchkin splash around in the tub has to be about as awesome as a trip to Italy.

You've raised the bar really high for "fun", girls.  I'm not sure anything is ever going to top it!

1 comment:

Taffy and Tony said...

You're right--the Italy trip is probably a stretch! But yes, kids are so much fun! Glad you're having so much fun with yours!

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