March 22, 2012


Last night was "Activity Days"--a twice monthly activity night for the girls in church ages 8-11--and I am the leader for the 8 and 9 year old girls. 
I wanted to teach them about the importance of service but make it fun at the same time. 
We talked about Christ washing the feet of the apostles and the girls agreed that that washing dirty, blistered, callused, smelly feet would not be the most fun act of service but that every act of service is important, especially when it's not very fun. 
So the girls experienced washing and rubbing each other's feet.
And to make it fun, they then got to paint each other's toe nails.  
And after they had thoroughly practiced their beautician skills on each other, they insisted on painting my toenails and here is the end result:

Aren't they lovely?
My toenails are supposed to be multicolored with stripe and squiggle designs on them.  Can you tell!? 
I love my girls.  :)
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