March 26, 2012


Today we began our new family diet for the next 6-8 weeks (no dairy, gluten,
    peanuts, eggs, or refined sugar) in hopes of figuring out what is causing
    Kenadie's horrendous excema and ridding her of an endlessly
    scratched/bleeding/scabbed body.  Poor girl!  :(
Today I really wanted a brownie with a glass of milk!
Today Kenadie created more messes than I think she has in her life: including
    coloring the couches and my bed sheets with neon-colored chalk. :)
(a scene from a previous mess on another day, but you get the idea.  She's proud of herself!)

Today we worked on Lila's "sitting up" skills.

Today Lila fell over a lot and bonked her head.
Today I gave Lila a lot of kisses.
Today Kenadie fell in love with the "Hamster Dance" song.
Tonight I am regretting that she ever heard it!
Today I made a lot of hummus.
Tonight I made a lemon and rosemary roasted chicken for dinner with roasted
Tonight Kenadie just kept asking for cheese and bread.
Today Kenadie tried my patience as she decided she wants to be in diapers and
    and peed on the living room rug twice.
Today I wondered what to do about her behavior towards not wanting to go in the
    potty and felt a little like a failure of a mom!
Today I did a little photo shoot with Lila and drooled over her preciousness.

 Today Lila starting pooping in the middle of her photo shoot.

Today I could only get Kenadie to semi-cooperate for two photos. :)

Today Kenadie smothered Lila with kisses and kicked her in the face all within
    2 minutes of each other.
Today Kenadie made me laugh at least once every hour.
Tonight my husband helped me do dishes and then gave me a massage after I
    did a mad dash to clean the crazy-messy house.
Today I read this article and pasted all 15 points up on my bathroom mirror as
    a good reminder of how I can make my life easier and be happier.
Tonight, I am dead-tired!

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