April 12, 2012


~ The other day she got into a baggie of baby formula and sprinkled it all over herself, her sister, and the bathroom.

~ This morning she brought me two cotton balls craddled in her hands and said, "Look, Mommy.  They're birdies.  They're so cute!" Then, after kissing the cotton balls, "I have to go kill them now." Then she walked away.  Hm.

~ Me: Okay, we need to get dressed for the day.  Let's put on your brown pants.
   Kenners: (clapping and jumping) Oh, yay!  My brown pants!!  They're so

~ Have you ever seen this video from the Jimmy Kimmel show where he asked parents to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy and  then record their reactions?
Well, Kenners FAVORITE phrase is "You sneaky mom!"  She thinks it's hilarious.  Except she thinks it says, "You stinky mom!"  And she says it all the time: in the grocery store, in the middle of Sacrament Meeting at church, and she even whispered it last night while saying a blessing over dinner.

~ Kenners loves taking long bubble baths and would love to take 2-3 a day!  I can hardly keep her from climbing into the tub and turning on the faucet.

~ She's pretty obsessed with being a princess these days and loves dresses, skirts, and anything sparkly.  However, she still HATES getting her hair brushed and is deathly afraid of the blow dryer and curling iron.  Princesses can have ratty hair, right!?

~ One of the best bribes for good behavior is to tell Kenadie that we'll get to go visit Daddy at work if she helps Mommy at home.  She loves going to "Daddy's work".  She runs into Garrett's office and jumps right up onto the table to get adjusted.

~ Lately, Kenners has loved rolling play-dough and making shapes and letters with it.  When she starts rolling out the play-dough, she always has to point out to me, "Look, Mom! It's like a blue turdy nugget!" Or in other words, it looks like a log of blue poop.  Lovely.

~ Me: Oh, Kenadie, thank you for picking up your toys!  That makes me so happy!
   Kenners: (rolling her eyes)  I know. I love you, too.

Oh, Kenners!  Your refusal to use the toilet after two months of potty-trained bliss has me wanting to pull my hair out, as does your repeated violent kicks and stomps on your little sister.  Luckily, the funny and sweet things you say are more than enough for me to cool off and let those little frustrations go.  What a piece of spunk, sass, and sweetness you are to our family, darling girl! :)


Merkley Jiating said...

She is so sassy and hilarious! I love the blue turdy nugget. I was laughing out loud.

Meg said...

That girl makes me laugh so hard. I just wonder if she'll mellow out or find the full force of her sass when she reaches teenage-hood. Hmm. In the meantime, she's stinking cute.

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