April 12, 2012

A Little About Lila

~ 10 months old

~ I have no clue how much she weighs or how tall she is. (I have truly lived up to 
   the second-time mom stereotype for not having kept up with all the 
   documentation, pediatrician visits, or picture-taking like I did with my first. 
   Poor Lila!)  I do know that she is in 12-18 month clothes and seems to be even
   taller than Kenadie was at this age.  I think we may be raising a pair of tall,
   athletic Amazon women! :)

~ 8 teeth, and I hope her continuous cold and ear infections mean molars are on
   their way!

~ Even with ear infections, I can still manage to pull this out of her:

    Such a happy baby!

~ Pulling herself up on furniture (and taking a lot of tumbles and collecting
   goose eggs in the process!).

~ Shoving EVERYTHING into her mouth and giving her mommy a few
   scares of nearly choking.  Here she is after devouring a purple crayon:

~ Still army crawling.

~ She is her sister's little shadow and wants to be wherever Kenadie is.

~ Not a fan of the "Casper the friendly ghost" hoodie.  But I can't resist the
   cuteness and I get quite a good laugh out of it!

~ Starting to babble and form her own baby language more and more these days.

How would our family survive without this little ray of sunshine!?  She is the sweetest, most vibrant little girl and I have been LOvInG this baby stage where she is growing and learning so much and reaching new milestones everyday.  Just a pure, innocent little presence in our home that drives us to be kinder to each other and make our home a little more like heaven.

We love you, baby girl! 

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The Allen Family said...

Those little girls of yours are sure cute! I personally, love the gnome hoodie! She looks so darn cute in it! Sure miss you guys.....I need to call you and catch up! Hope everything is going well with Garrett's new job. It looks like he has settled right into a nice office. I love the pic of Kenners getting adjusted. So cute! And that french braid in the front of your hair looks so cute....I'm pretty jealous of it. Like I said, miss you!

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