March 17, 2012

This one's for the girls!

Garrett is in Utah this weekend for his BFF's wedding and I have the weekend off, which only means one thing: 
a girls' weekend at the Christensen household!

The weekend sadly started out with baby Lila getting the croup and being up a lot on Thursday night.  Thankfully, my mom took Lila the next day so I could take Kenadie to a gymnastics gymnasium for an hour of free play.  Best hour of the week!  Kenadie was in heaven and able to get all her wiggles out while playing with her new BFF, Elle.  We then had a yummy lunch at House of Bread.  To all my friends living the Valley, if you haven't been there, it is amazing.  I pride myself on making yummy bread, but holy moly, their bread is phenomenal!  I momentarily thought about quitting my job to start working there just so I could learn how to make bread that delicious.  Then Kenadie was able to play some more with Elle while I ran some errands.
Tara:  THANK YOU!  That hour free of children to go get paperwork done at work was heavenly (or rather, it would have been a nightmare with kids there!).

I then felt brave and took both girls to do some grocery shopping and smiled at the nice gentleman who literally covered his ears and scowled as my cart of screaming girls passed him in the isle.  Sorry about that, sir. :)

We then headed home where I procrastinated housecleaning and laundry in favor of making a little "fort" for the girls out of Lila's crib.

 (pardon the freaky red-eyes.  I am too lazy to remove it....)

 They laughed giggled and played for a good 1/2 hour.  Music to my ears!

We ended the day with the girls watching a little "Aladdin" before bedtime:
(why they prefer the little DVD player over our huge TV is a mystery)

And that's when the weekend started getting really exciting:
Kenadie and Lila took turns being up all night and then were awake promptly by 7am this morning.  Kenners kept telling me, "Momma, I'm sick!" all morning.  And not long after that, the floodgates opened and four hours later Kenadie has gone through 7 pair of underwear, I have started 3 loads of laundry, I have had to wash the covers on all our couch cushions and steam vac the living room rug, 6 baths have been given between my two girls, and Lila has already crawled through 2 puddles of puke that I couldn't clean up fast enough before she got to them.

Whew!  It's been a little busy around here and full of little toddler and baby tears. :(  I hate it when my girls are sick, and I definitely did not plan on missing out on the fabulous St. Patrick's Day feast my mom is making, but there's no where else I'd really rather be.  The biggest blessing that has come from being a working mom has been a greater appreciation for and love of being a mom and getting to do mom things, even those things are kind of icky.  I love taking care of my girls.  I love spending time with them, even if it does involve cleaning up puke and poop that seem never-ending. 
That being said, I can't deny that I'm praying for a better night tonight and a better day tomorrow.  Also, I may be a little jealous of the warm weather Garrett is currently experiencing and all the people he gets to see in Utah. 
 But really, who can resist these little faces??
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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