March 17, 2012

Oh, what do you do with your tax return?

I bought food.  A whole lot of food.
Most of the money went towards long-term food storage, but after living in this house for 6 months with pretty bare cupboards and missing more than just a few cooking essentials (like spices and condiments ), I decided it was time to stock the pantry and to fill our freezer. 
Of course it would have been much more fun to have the money go towards plane tickets to Utah or something so I could visit the many, many people who I miss, 
but it does my little heart such good to see this sight:

and I'm feeling very blessed (and a little nerdy over how happy I am about this!).

1 comment:

Taffy and Tony said...

I also used some of our tax return to stock up on food! Always a great feeling to know you'd be ok for awhile if needed!

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