March 17, 2012

Pro's and Con's

A few of the "con's" to living in Alaska:
~ the long winters
~ the dark months of December and January
~ the expense of plane tickets -- Garrett is down in Utah for his best friend's 
   wedding this weekend and the price of that ticket makes me want to cry!
~ the fact that it is impossible for a windshield to go more than a few months
   without getting a chip or crack in it -- welcome to the great, gravel-y outdoors!
~ the cost of food and gas -- ouch!
~ the windy winters -- although I think this winter has been amazingly calm.
~ break-up in the spring.  When all the snow melts and the ground thaws, it
   makes for a muddy mess-of-a-month.
~ the lack of some of my favorite stores and restaurants such as: Five Guys 
   Burgers, IKEA, and Big Bowl.
~ lots of rain in the summer -- not every year is like this, but it stinks when it is!
~ slim chances of ever seeing it hit 90 degrees in the summer.  Not a place to 
   get a tan or sunbathe! 

A few of the "pro's" to living in Alaska:
~ getting to see this wonder of nature at night in the winter right outside your 
   front door:

~ and getting to climb these mountains behind our house and see this view 
   at midnight during a full moon.

~ the fresh air!  I remember visiting Alaska every-other summer growing up and 
   stepping off the plane when we got here and noticing a difference in the air.  
   So different from the polluted, stale air from basically everywhere else I've 
   ever lived.
~ I have so much family up here!  Probably one of the best things about living 
   in Alaska. :)
~ Delicious water from the tap that come from our own well?  Yes, please! 
   I dare you to come visit and tell me it is not the best water you've ever tasted....
~ The yummiest, sweetest veggies I've ever tasted grow here in the summer.
~ We're already planning our big fishing trip to Kenai for July and will more 
   than likely come back with enough salmon to feed us for a year.  Yum!  Did 
   you know that Alaskan salmon have the lowest mercury content of any fish in
   the world?
~ Blueberry picking in August.  Garrett says we're going to get "gallons and 
   gallons" this year.  Another interesting fact: blueberries that grow in this 
   latitude supposedly have far more antioxidants than other blueberries.  There is 
   one of those health/juice companies that bottles and sells Alaskan blueberry
   juice for a crazy, high price.  Luckily, I can pick those berries for free! :) 
~ No bugs (besides mosquitoes).  I'm so glad that I don't have to check my kids 
   for ticks this summer, or deal with silverfish in my bathroom, or worry about 
   roaches.  I really hate big and nasty bugs.
~ I don't have to dread the uncomfortable and unbearable humidity and heat 
   when summer comes around.  

I'm definitely ready for some spring and warmth, but it has been a beautiful and snowy winter filled with northern lights and not too much wind.  I really can't complain.  While there are plenty of drawbacks to living here, I figure that there are drawbacks to any place.  No place is perfect, and I'm pretty happy with all the "pro's" that Alaska has to offer.  And so far for me, they far outweigh the "con's".   

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Taffy and Tony said...

I've never been there in the winter, but think it would be fun to someday. I especially want to see the northern lights! But yes, I can see why you love it there, and I could make a list of pros and cons about this place as well. It's true anywhere!

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