March 13, 2013

Getting a Little Sentimental

Sometimes I miss my little babies:

All the puking, migraines, trips to the hospital for IVs, sciatic pain, heartburn, cankles, blood sugar roller coasters, holy-moly-I'm-gonna-die-labor-pain, and subsequent sleepless nights are completely worth it in the end to have these precious little angels in your arms.

But you know what?
They grow up way too fast.
Recently, I've discovered that "Baby Lila" is not a baby anymore.  She parrots just about everything I say.  She's starting to speak in phrases and her favorite word is "technology" (tech-nah-ji-gee!).  She asks for "technahjigee" (iPhone, iPad, etc) every morning and wanders the house looking for it.  Oy!  Yesterday she came to me a few times with a clean diaper, patted her wet one, said "pee pee, mama!" and then laid down for me to change her.  Wha?!  Where did my baby go?  And despite the fact that I still treat her like a little baby, she just keeps continuing to develop into a full-fledged toddler! 
It gives me so much joy to watch my children grow, and parenting does get more and more fun as my girls grow up (with equal parts hard thrown in the mix); however, I can't help but feel a little sad when I look back at their baby pictures because I miss having those sweet little things around to snuggle.
Has anyone created a potion to help slow down the process of children growing up?  Because if so, they could be bazillionaires. 

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