March 28, 2013

Nuts N' Bolts Bread

If you've ever read my blog in the past, then it's no secret that I love to bake bread.
I'm not a great cook and my love of cooking comes and goes (as in, I will go on a spree of making super delicious and savory dinners for a week and then spend the next 2 weeks wanting to make nothing but PBJ's).  
I can't claim that I am even amazing at baking, but at least I'm decent at it and I do love it! :) 
Baking bread is kind of therapeutic for me, healthy for the family, and a dream-come-true for my grocery budget.  

I use a variation of the good ol' Oberg recipe found here and in the past year or so have only used whole wheat that I grind myself (it's okay to call me a granola-cruncher at this point, I completely understand) and then I add in a bunch of other goodies (flax seed, quinoa, sesame seeds, oatmeal, and sunflower seeds) to make it my "nuts n' bolts bread". 
It's yummy, it's cheap, my kids love it, and for those of you who--like me--have suffered from gluten sensitivities, this whole wheat bread doesn't bother my stomach in the least (although I've only found this to be true when I grind my own wheat).  So glad that I can make my bread at eat it, too. :) 


Melissa said...

When you do this wheat bread recipe the 'nuts and bolts' way, do you decrease the amount of whole wheat flour you use at all? I've been looking for a good multi grain recipe.

Holly June said...

I guess I should clarify: I generally add 6 cups if flour and the grains and mix for a few minutes before adding the rest if the flour (usually two-3 more cups) and I add as much flour until I get the dough consistency that I want. Usually the grains doesn't throw off the amount of flour that I end up using and if it does, it's not by much.

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