March 11, 2013

About Pets

When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian or a marine biologist. 
 I remember reading really advanced book about animals. They were filled with big scientific words and I could barely understand half of what I read, but I did it because in my mind reading those books meant that I was really serious about my love of animals and dedication to having a profession of taking care of them someday. 
 I LOVED our family cats and was that child who begged and begged her parents for a dog until she was finally given one for her eighth birthday ("I promise, I'll take care of him all by myself!")

Fast forward to today and.......I kinda can't stand animals. 
 Nothing annoys me like a barking dog who jumps up on you and leaves its hair all over your clothes.  I cringe at the thought of potty-training a dog on top of potty training my toddlers.  I desire nothing less than to worry about the shoes/papers/furniture torn up or eaten by the dog or cat when I'm already plenty busy cleaning up human messes.  Remember that movie "Marley and Me"?  Well, unlike the rest of America, I did not fall in love with the dog in that movie.  In fact, after watching that movie, I thought to myself, "I think we'll be perfectly fine if we never have a pet!" 
What happened to that animal-lover who once swore that most of her life's work would revolve around helping poor, innocent animals and who loved getting slobbered on by dogs?!
Wherever she went, I'm pretty sure she left about the time that I became a mother.  
I've heard that this isn't too uncommon.
I've also heard that I'll change my mind about someday having pets once I'm out of the "baby phase". 
Regardless, my daughter loves animals, darn it. 
And she'd love a pet.
And then there's my husband who really wants a pet snake or tarantula.  (Luckily, he values our marriage too much to have mentioned this desire more than once.)

So what is Garrett's solution? 
A bearded dragon. 
I said, "I don't think so."
He said, "Come on, Kenadie would love it and it would be so much easier than a cat or dog."
I said, "We don't have the budget for it." :)
He went and sold some of his things on craigslist and bought the dang lizard.
Meet Pascal:

 (she's happy to meet you!)

Kenadie named her/him ("cuz I already have Rapunzel hair and so now I have a Pascal, too, just like Rapunzel!")

I have to admit, she/he is pretty cute.  And a lot easier (so far) than a cat or a dog.  And cheaper.
And Kenadie adores her pet.  And getting to hold Pascal has been a great incentive for her to do almost anything I ask her to do (eat dinner, brush her hair, pick up her toys, etc).  Lila's also pretty obsessed with Pascal and cries for the "fwoggie" several times a day.  But who is most obsessed with that thing?  My husband.  He won't stop fussing with it and carrying it around the house on his shoulder.  :) 
So, we have a pet.  
I guess I might as well learn all I can about the bearded dragon.  I've been doing a little research online, but I'm curious: are any of you out there bearded dragon owners?  Do you have any tips on how to best raise and care for them?  Because even during my animal-loving days, I never took up an interest in lizards.
Though, the whole lizard idea is kinda growing on me....... 


Calvin said...

I have a bearded dragon. It's my third. Get him started on pellets early and slowly transition to bigger pellets when he gets older. Do not do an insect only diet.

Holly June said...

What are pellets?

Talia said...

I totally get it! I am NOT a pet person either {the smell, the fur, the food smells, the crawling critters everywhere, etc }... yet we somehow have two cats, a dog, and a bunny! I have learned to get over my feelings for the sake of my children's joy and youth!! They love their pets and I love seeing them so happy. :) Plus it teaches them great responsibility. They are only kids once!

Melissa said...

You buy the pellets at the pet store. They literally say 'Bearded Dragon Pellet/Food' on the bottle. Saves a lot of money and pain compared to crickets. But my kids still liked getting crickets once in a while to watch the Bearded Dragon completely destroy and eat them. We've had two and loved both of them!

Holly June said...

Thanks Melissa! :) any other pointers are welcome. This is seriously a foreign world to me but we're having a blast.

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