March 6, 2013

An Education While on Vacation

I had been looking forward to our family vacation to California for a long, long time.  Garrett had not had any real "time off" for two years and after retiring from my hectic nursing job, I had spent the subsequent few months battling every stomach and respiratory virus that came along.  I was ready for a little rest and relaxation!
The last vacation we went on, we only had one child who, although not the easiest-going kid, still took 2-3 hour naps during the day and slept 10 hours straight through the night.  So that last vacation was still pretty heavenly and restful.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I discovered something: vacations with multiple, very young children are anything but restful or relaxing, especially when the husband is gone for the majority of it and the kids throw twice the tantrums and forget how to sleep at night.
(I have to admit that I now feel a little like I need a vacation from that "vacation"?!)
However, vacations with multiple, very young children are also lots and lots of FUN! :)
I can think of fewer things more fun or rewarding for me than getting to see my girls play and laugh for hours and hours out in the sunshine without any time constraints or errands to run in between.

And my mommy excitement was through the roof when Kenadie met Cinderella at Disneyland and then got to drive her very own car in Legoland.

Or how about seeing my girls have the time of their life playing in Papa's hot tub??  So much fun! 

And what about myself?
I played for hours and hours on my Mother-in-law's beautiful piano. :)
I got to sit in the hot tub kid-free a few nights (soooooo nice!).
I also got to paint my nails.  Ever since I began nursing school, nothing but clean, short fingernails has been allowed.  So since I am not currently working, I decided to finally paint my nails for the first time in nearly 10 didn't last long.  I couldn't stop picking at and peeling off the polish!  Perhaps I'm not a nail polish kinda gal, but the girls LOVE getting their nails painted so we had a few fun manicure nights with Grandma. :)

We packed so much into those few weeks and pretty much ran on fruit snacks and granola bars.  The girls were so exhausted by the end of it that for the first few nights back at home, they slept 13 hours straight through the night!
I've already started making a picture book to document all the fun we had and memories we created.  It was worth every ounce of exhaustion. :)
Thanks again, Grandma and Papa for all the FUN!

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