March 4, 2013

Trip Within a Trip

During our California vacation and after Garrett had to go back to Alaska to work, we took a trip up to Utah to see Garett's uncle Ronald "The Cat" Minson have his BYU Basketball jersey retired.  He was basically one of the best basketball players in the world in the 50's.  No big deal. :)  But get this, although he was in the first round draft pick for the NBA, he turned down multiple and repeated offers to sign with the New York Knicks because a) he decided to serve his country by joining the military during the Korean War, and b) he wanted to have a job that offered a more stable family life.  What an inspirational man! 

Anyhow, the 12 hour drive up to Utah felt like 24 and we were so glad to get there and spend time with Grandma Great and with Garrett's brother Kyle, his wife Talia, and their super cute and very sweet kids Caleb, Ava, and Quinn.  

Kenadie lovin' on Quinn.

 Kenadie reeeeally loved Ava and still talks about her and how sweet she was to Kenadie and how she slept with Kenadie one night and helped her not feel afraid.  Thank you, sweet Ava!
Breakfast at Grandma Great's:

We spent Saturday in the Cougar Room with he bajillion other Minson family members before the big game and jersey retirement ceremony.  We even found Grandpa Willardson's BYU Hall of Fame plaques for when he and the BYU Golf team won the National Championships!  

On Sunday afternoon we got to spend time with our Willardson family at my sister Hanna's apartment in Salt Lake.  My mom was in town taking care of Hanna while she was in the hospital receiving her Stem Cell Transplant.  Coincidentally, my SIL Jenny and her two, cute boys were in town, as was my sister Katie and her family.  My little brother Joey drove up from Provo and then bring myself and te girls into the mix and it was one big reunion!  

It was so fun to see ALL the Willardson grandkids together for the first time ever:

Grandma had fun trying to get the kids to cooperate for a photo shoot:

Kenadie was reunited with her long-lost BFF/cousin Brookie.

And add Benny into the mix and we have our three little trouble-makers! 

Katie, Me, Joey, and his lady Jessica :)

It was a whirlwind-of-a-trip but so much fun, and after briefly seeing a few of my dearest friends on Monday morning, we were back on our way to California.  

PS. Considering their ages, my kids were pretty decent road-trippers.  They really liked holding hands in the car. :) 

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Talia said...

Nice pictures from the game. ;) Ava loved seeing her cousins! Wish we could have spent more time together! And I am really upset that we did not take one stinking picture together! Who knows when we will all get together again.

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