November 8, 2009


Being a nurse is a TOUGH job.
Especially when you work in ICU and in cancer. CPR becomes the norm, you lose a lot of patients, you have to think on your ties in order to save lives, you witness some of the grossest, saddest, most painful scenes imaginable all while trying to maintain composure and remain compassionate and supportive.
I truly thought that being a nurse was the toughest job I'd ever have.
After four months of motherhood, I take it back.

I've always admired and appreciated my mother, but in these past four months, I have gained a new-found awe for my mother. She did this seven times!?! Sheesh!
I thought it was hard to see my patients suffer in's somehow a little more painful for me to see my baby scream in pain for hours.
I thought it was hard to come home carrying a lot of emotional baggage from work.......I don't get to come home anymore and try and shake it off or go to the gym. I come home from work to take care of my munchkin and do sit-ups in my living room.
I thought that it was hard to have patients and doctors demanding all my time and energy for 12 (sometimes 13, sometimes 14) solid I think, "Ahhh, those were the days!"
Now, being a nurse was still pretty dang stressful, but what I'm trying to say is that I totally underestimated the time, energy, and stamina it takes to be a mom.
Motherhood requires just as much strength, time, and energy as any hard day working as a nurse, and as a mother, you can't clock out at the end of the day and go home to unwind in peace. Your job never ends. You can't keep yourself emotionally uninvested because your patients are you children. Motherhood is a tough, gritty, 24/7, 365 days a year.
However, motherhood is about 1000 times more fulfilling and rewarding for me than being a "career woman" ever was.
Of course it was always INCREDIBLY rewarding and fulfilling to help save a life as a nurse. There's nothing quite like it. I love being a nurse. I love using my knowledge and skills and even feeling like a smarty-pants once in awhile. I'm so glad that I got my degree and am using it to work and provide for my family.
However, my career just doesn't compare to being a mom.
There's nothing quite like getting to see your baby learn to roll around, grab toys, or laugh for the first time. Even though Kenadie cries all night, it's all worth it for those rare moments when she'll snuggle into me and look at me and smile.
I've heard it said that the hardest things in life are often the most rewarding; it is so true. Being a mom isn't easy, but motherhood is the greatest gift and blessing I've experienced in my life thus far. I live for my chubby-cheeked little sass. She makes life awesome. So don't underestimate being a mom. It is tough work, and it rocks.

.....oh, hi! I'm cute.


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Claire Christensen said...

So True! I wouldn't trade being a Mom for anything! Thank you for being such a wonderful Mom to my beautiful little grandbaby. By the way that last picture looks so much like Garrett's baby pics. I miss you all so much!

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