August 12, 2013

I Guess Being Two Is Hard.....

Once upon a time this sweet little thing came into our family.

Little Lila was a nice, calming presence in our family and was my "sweet and easy baby", a nice contrast to her older sister who is known for her spunk, sass, and her nickname the "Kenner-gizer Bunny".  Lila loved to snuggle and give hugs and kisses, and was just so mild-mannered.
I could certainly have lots more children if they were all like this, right?! :)
And then Lila turned two.

And just like that, her sensitive little spirit blossomed into a dramatic and overly-emotional one.
Cue the major, throw-yourself-on-the-floor-and-roll-around tantrums.  
5-6 a day at the very least 
starting e.v.e.r.y. morning when she insists (and doesn't get) a popsicle for breakfast.  
You think a kid would learn?! 
But nope.
Just about every morning for the last month or two, followed by various other tantrums throughout the day.
And they are some pretty epic tantrums. 

In case you should think I am over-exaggerating, let me describe her tantrum from a few days ago.......

We were at my parents house and she had snuck into my sister's room, discovered some Midol stashed away in her desk, came out triumphantly holding the package while munching on one of the candy-coated tablets (who candy-coats pills anyway?!), and happily exclaimed while holding up her treasure, "Gum!" (She has nothing short of an obsession with chewing gum)
Mommy had a freak out and forcefully took her goodies from her while simultaneously wondering how many she had ingested (luckily only one).
Distraught, Lila proceeded to throw herself to the floor, crying hard (you know, the cry where no audible noise comes out and the child holds their breath for about 5 seconds before letting out the ear-piercing screaming?), and kicking and steam-rolling across the floor.  
After a few silent steam-rolls, she ended up on her back and I braced myself for her screams.
Instead, she let out a shallow little gasp, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she went limp, stopped breathing, and turned a nice shade of blue. 
My child had thrown such a doozy of a tantrum that she made herself pass out?!
I slapped her little cheeks and shook her chest and within seconds she opened her eyes, took a few little breaths, pinked up, and proceeded with her tantrum as if she hadn't skipped a beat! 
Nice tantrum, huh?

So um, what happened to my sweet little Lila??
Maybe she senses that her position as "baby of the family" is coming to a close?
Perhaps being two is a lot harder than I realize?
Or maybe this is just what I can expect from any girl ages 2-18 and I oughta be hoping that this next little nugget is a drama-free boy??
Whatever is going down, I hope frazzled mothers everywhere can take comfort in the fact that even my "easy" child throws tantrums that cause her to pass out.
This motherhood gig
is definitely not for the weak.
(I see this picture and just laugh and laugh.  What a mean mom, right?)

And yet, she can still be such a cute and sweet little thing?! 

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Camber said...

She seriously PASSED OUT?!? Oh man! Hang in there, Holly--the terrible two's are aptly named and don't last forever, and you are an amazing mom. I bet someday you'll get your sweet Lila back.

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