August 12, 2013

Batteries Recharged

A few weeks ago our local church congregations held our annual Women's Conference, an event I had marked my calendar for and had been excited to attend all summer long.  
The longest I have ever been away from my children was for 24 hours last year on my wedding anniversary, and this past weekend marked a second 24-hour period without my kids.  I dropped them off with my little sister Annie (and their favorite babysitter! late Friday morning and didn't see them until later Saturday afternoon when the conference was over.
I missed those girls but what a wonderful and needed weekend!    
I loved going to classes that uplifted me spiritually, helped me figure out how to better exercise at home  while surrounded by tiny children, gave me advice for organizing our family schedule and teaching our children the gospel, and insights into how to better myself as a mother, wife, and as just plain-old me.  
I also enjoyed the yummy food and socialization that I realize I don't get enough of on a regular basis. 
I felt reenergized and was excited to come home and get to work building a stronger and happier family.  And I was tickled at how excited my little ladies were to see me.

And did I mention the beautiful bouquet of roses on the table and the spotless house that I came home to??  Or the fact that as soon as I walked in the door my husband told me to get ready for our anniversary date (a bike ride around the gorgeous Eklutna Lake followed by dinner) and that he had arranged for a babysitter and everything?!  

Kenadie photobombing what was going to be a picture of my lovely bouquet of red, and white roses mixed with pink baby roses.  She is pretty cute though.... :)

Pictures from our biking trip:

Six years later, and I still love that man of mine.  Always a good sign. :) 

I tell you what, I felt like a very spoiled and loved woman after that weekend.
Thank you to the babysitters and to Garrett for giving me such a great weekend to recharge my batteries. :)

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