August 8, 2013

Summer Days (picture overload)

As much as I have feared that I would jinx our wonderful Alaskan summer by proclaiming my love of it from the rooftops, we've continued to have perfect weather and lots of fun.

Park days (including one evening where a local church group was serving free hot dogs, snow cones, and had face painting and a bouncy house set up for the community's children.  It was awesome!)

We've spent plenty of days at the lake or just running through the backyard sprinklers, so my girls tend to think that they ought to dress in their swim attire all day, everyday.  Lila particularly likes wearing her pink life vest around the house.

And then one day she went as far as putting on a sparkly pink skirt to go with it.  

Garrett is the world's most adorable dad for walking to church with the girls every Sunday (I prefer to drive rather than have to carry my church bag, diaper bag, scriptures, binders for Young Women's, props for teaching my lessons, etc. all the way to church in high heels).

Sunglasses are a must and an obsession around here 
(and so are stickers, but that's not anything new)

Who doesn't like to be pulled behind the four wheeler on a sled?! 
Dream come true for these kiddos! 

We loved the adorable ballerina birthday party the girls went to a few weeks ago, complete with a photo shoot in front of a ballet bar and plenty of pretty ballet dancing.

I love seeing all the moose and their babies out and about (from the safety of my car, of course!)

And where is Garrett during all this?!
Either at work, or sprinting (literally) up mountains solo

And we let Daddy have his solo sprints up the mountains, because with all that we've been doing, we're just a little exhausted around here!

It's always sad when the summer comes to a close, but we have enjoyed this awesome, warm summer so much that I'm actually looking forward to what the cooler weather will bring:

blueberry picking
the Alaska State Fair
getting to see Brian Regan perform at the State Fair (my anniversary gift to Garrett)
Kenadie starting preschool (whether via a co-op or through the school district, I haven't yet decided)  
and a new baby! 
2013 has definitely been a great year for us! 

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