August 15, 2013

Baby Sonic

I think I mentioned before that this pregnancy has been quite different from my others.
The sickness remains but the waves of nausea and puking come more suddenly and forcefully, though not as often. 
I get car sick really easily. 
The hair on my legs has been growing super fast (with my other pregnancies, my hair grew sooo slowly I rarely had to shave!).
Headaches have been pretty constant with plenty of migraines thrown into the mix.
I'm not complaining by any means, but it is interesting to note all the differences in discomforts between different pregnancies. :)
I'm showing a little earlier and have felt movement (by far my favorite part of pregnancy) earlier than with the others--which I know is mostly due to previously-stretched-out abdominal muscles. 
Regardless, I've had suspicions that maybe this different pregnancy meant a little boy was on the way and now those suspicions have been confirmed. 

We are going to be having a little BOY!

 Obviously, Garrett is just a little bit happy about this.
We're all excited to be adding to our family and I have to admit, it will be kind of fun to experience life with a little boy on our hands.

Since June, Kenadie has been going around telling people that she has a little brother named Sonic.
She tells people that Sonic plays with her, hits her, shares his toys, etc.
She even announced in Primary the other day that she and Sonic got married last week.  (weird)
Now I have no clue where the idea of a brother named "Sonic" came from,
but now it has become a joke that Kenadie just knew that this baby was a boy all along and that "Sonic" really is on his way! (Don't worry, we will not disgrace our child by actually naming him that)

We had a really fun " gender reveal party" with a blue-centered ice cream cake yesterday with our families.

So fun.  :)

And here is my 19 week pregnant belly with baby boy:

We're just about half-way there.
Can't wait to meet you, baby boy!! 


Megan and Jared said...

So exciting to get a boy! I hope the nausea stops for you soon!

Yancy said...

Woohoo! Congrats.

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