July 31, 2011

Mom Guilt

Over the years I have heard multiple women say that Mother's Day is not their favorite day because it reminds them of all the "mom guilt" that they have.  

"Mom guilt"!?  Even after becoming a mom, I didn't really understand what the heck these women were talking about.

Don't get me wrong; I don't think, by any means, that I am a perfect mom.  I realize that I am far from it.  But I've never felt like I was a bad mom, either.  Why should I ever have any "mom guilt"??  And then enter baby #2.....

When I'm taking care of Lila (or packing, or eating, or even just going to the bathroom) and Kenners is begging for attention by running over her sister with her baby stroller or throwing a tantrum, I feel guilty for neglecting Kenadie.

When it's time to take care of or play with Kenadie (or to do other tasks) and I have to just let the baby cry, I feel guilty. 

So this is what the other moms meant by "mom guilt"!  

Going from having one child that I can focus all my attention on to having two children has definitely been enlightening and has put a whole new spin on motherhood.  I realize that I can't be everything and everywhere all at once--though I wish I could--and sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow.

Luckily, I have a wise mother who has reminded me to do my best, take it one day at a time, leave the rest to the Lord, and enjoy the journey. (Aren't moms the best?!)

So that's what I'm attempting to do; and make no mistake, this is worth every minute.  (P.S.  I'm determined to not let any "mom guilt" spoil my Mother's Days.  Bring on the flowers, bed in breakfast, and chocolates, please!) 

These little ladies make me a mommy (how cool is that!?):
Kenadie before church today, winking for the camera.

Sweet baby "Lylee" conked out. 
Tell me she is not the most scrumptious little sleeping baby you've ever seen!

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