April 11, 2013

This Week's Mommy Musings

I should have the world's most chiseled abs with how much of the day I spend laughing at my children's antics.  Behold:

 (Kenadie decapitating herself on Daddy's roller table)

 (Lila in her Cinderella dress--as usual--, with her owl hat on, wearing jewelry, and one of Kenadie's gloves)

(She is obsessed with wearing other people's glasses) 

 (Does this one really need an explanation?!)

(Wearing Kenadie's underwear and dang proud of herself!)

Is this not the most beautiful sleeping little girl you've ever seen?!

I sneak into her room late at night to smooch her all over her cheeks, something she will never let me do when she's awake.
How the heck did every door in the house get so grimy without me noticing?!  As of this morning, spring cleaning is in full-force!  

I stayed up waaaaay too late the other night reading this book:

It had been recommended to me before from several different mommies but I had no interest in reading it.  After a few reeeeally difficult weeks with Kenadie, I asked her Primary teacher at church (who has 6 young kids herself) if any of her children were so strong-willed and if so, what-oh-what did she do to effectively discipline and encourage them??  She is a super-mom whom I kind of consider to be the Child Whisperer, and she immediately recommended this book.  I'm half-way into the book now and have already had several dozen "Aha!" moments.  With less than a week of implementing the system in this book into our daily lives, things have already gotten better.  No wonder so many people have recommended it?!   

For the 500th time, I discovered today that if I don't get my workout and shower in early before the kids wake up in the morning, than the chances of both things happening during the day are pretty slim.  Today I was able to get the workout accomplished.  Hoping I can squeeze the shower in sometime. However.......

.....the other day I discovered (for the 500th time) that if I try to shower during the day while both girls are awake, then something catastrophic will occur during those 3.5 minutes that I'm in the shower.  The other day it was an entire bottle of dark purple nail polish all over the carpet.  

Right now my girls are walking around holding hands, twirling around in their skirts to Pandora music, and sharing Pirate's Booty with each other.  The nail polish incident is (mostly) forgotten. :) 

After a week of warm weather and nearly no snow on the ground, it dumped over 18 inches of snow on us over the weekend and temps have plummeted to the teens.  *sniff sniff*  But, the snow is beautiful, and my girls have been loving playing in the snow and sporting Daddy's goggles.

A few times a year, I realize that my hair is a hot, hot mess:

and so I mosey on over to my SIL's house for some serious hair therapy.  Just a trim and some strawberry blonde highlights, and I no longer feel like such a frump.  Whew! 

I've been trying to do preschool with Kenadie every day and she's been loving it.  Today we worked with the same shape blocks that occupied me for hours and hours as a kid (thanks for passing them on to me, Mom!) and then made oatmeal raisin cookies.  

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