April 4, 2013

Easter weekend in review

Decorated eggs on Friday with our Reynolds, Johnson, and Flowerdew families. 

Hunted for the eggs on Saturday afternoon:

Watched the broadcast of our church's conference for Young Women.  (Fabulous spiritual enlightenment for today's youth!  To read an amazing talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, go here.)

Had a fabulous Easter Sunday at church and then ate a yummy dinner with our Willardson family. 
My little princesses in their Easter best:

And not quite as cooperative once Mommy tried to get in the shot:

At the end of the day (and after several Family Home Evening lessons focused on Easter and Christ's Resurrection), I asked Kenadie, "Do you remember why we celebrate Easter?"
Kenadie: "Because of Jesus!"
Me: (beaming with mommy pride) That's right.  And what did Jesus do for us on Easter?
Kenadie: He made all the Easter eggs for us! 

Partial parenting success.  Completely wonderful Easter weekend. 

(PS. The girls got these butterfly masks in their Easter baskets and Kenadie has pretty much only taken it off to sleep!)


Talia said...

I saw your new computer! Fancy. :) I wish we could celebrate holidays with our cousins! Looks like fun. And Adee is looking pretty dang tan!

Holly June said...

You are so missed at our gatherings. :( we had so much fun with you in Utah and your kids are so wonderful and sweet. Kenadie LOVED them. :) and yep, Adee's gettin' ready for Cancun! I'm so glad that she and you get to go. An you're leaving so soon!! :)

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