March 28, 2013

Blast from the Past

After working wonderfully for nearly eight years, our MacBook finally died a few months ago......
Enter our new desktop Mac computer and a whole new world for Holly.  I have been wasting spending a lot of time organizing our 1000's of photos, editing them, and organizing them into books to have published as family albums.  It has been fun to go back and look at all our pictures and here are a few gems that I have enjoyed......

Garrett and I from the days when we were just friends:

Garrett had the McDreamy hair going on and I was tan with naturally bleached hair thanks to the Utah sunshine.  (PS I love my mom in the background, haha!)

And now we're dating:

But long before that, I went on a study abroad to Argentina and hiked around Iguazu Falls:

A few pictures of me as a little munchkin: 

When Kenadie saw these she immediately said, "Hey look, Mama, it's Lila!"

And when I look at this picture, I see the boy version of Kenadie and her expressions:

A few of my bridal pictures:

(I just love love love Tracy Dean for taking them and showcasing the beauty of the Mat-Su Valley.) 

Kenadie as a nine-month old little munchkin:
Sure do miss that baby! 

Me with short hair:
(To cut my hair again, or to not cut my hair again?!)

Sweet little Lila last summer:

Isn't it crazy how quickly time goes by?!  I'm so glad I live in a day when I can look back at all these pictures from my past and enjoy these memories over and over.  Can't wait to have all these pictures in books my kids can look through and enjoy! :)


the mapmaker's wife said...

Is that a San Clemente shirt you are wearing on your study abroad?

Talia said...

I have always thought that Kenadie is a spitting image of Garrett (as a little boy), but holy moly does Lila look just like you! So cute, your girls are mini-versions of the two of you!

I love the old pictures! Such a gorgeous couple!

PS. I say DON'T cut your hair!!!! But then again, I may be a tad biased as I am desperately trying to grow mine out! I love long hair. :)

Talia said...

OH!!! And congrats on a new computer!! So exciting! It is only a matter of time before our old mac dies :(

Holly June said...

Haha! Why yes it is!! :)

Holly June said...

I know! The moment I cut it I will regret it. The frustrating thing is I can't grow my hat as long as I want it without it looking wispy and ratty as it frustrates me!!

Camber said...

I've been doing a similar thing with our old pictures, and it's super fun. And your wedding dress is gorgeous. And sometimes I miss Argentina :) Believe it or not, just this morning I was thinking about it. And the kegels incident.

Holly June said...

Buenos maƱana!! :)

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