December 1, 2010

Awww, nuts!

Kenadie got into Daddy's trail mix the other day.
Daddy was in the kitchen cooking.
Mommy was laying on the couch feeling crummy and covering her nose from the cooking smells.
A few minutes later, Kenners plopped herself down in front of me, eyes watering, batting at her nose, with pieces of peanuts and raisins scattered all over the floor.
"Oh, no," I sighed.  "Garrett, get the tweezers.  I think she shoved something up her nose."
Luckily, the future Dr. Christensen has a nice lit scope he can use to look far up the nasal cavity for deep inspection.  Sure enough, he spots a little somethin' somethin'.  
We prepared for surgery.
Garrett held the patient's head and limbs down, I grabbed the tweezers, and went in for the kill.
I couldn't get to the darned whatever-it-was up her nose because it was so far up there, and Kenners was screaming and intermittently sneezing like crazy.  
I finally got a good grip on the object and made slow progress to extract it.
It took FOREVER for me to be able to pull it out, and once I did, I knew why. 
It was the biggest, longest, whole peanut I've ever seen in my life!!
While Kenners has enormous cheeks, her nostrils have somehow managed to remain as small as a newborn's, so I have no clue how she fit that thing in her nose!  No wonder her eyes were watering--ouch!!
Isn't it awesome the little phases children go through!?  
Keeps life interesting.
Just as Kenadie has abandoned the throw-everything-in-the-garbage phase, we have now entered the phase of shoving objects into the body's orifices.
 I have learned my lesson and placed the trail mix far out of Kenadie's reach.
But just in case beans, corn, or some other unknown happen to be next on Kenadie's list of treasures to stash, I'll keep Garett's scope close at hand for a periodic peek...

Oh, and where is the photographic documentation of this event?   It was a little too graphic for public viewing, let me assure you.  Plus, I haven't taken more than 3 pictures in that past month.  So many missed Kodak moments thanks to my laziness....Help me get out of this funk!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Poor baby, but still pretty funny! Good job at extracting it, Mommy and Daddy. Love to you all!!

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