November 29, 2010


It is no secret that my child most possibly has the largest, fluffiest cheeks you've ever seen on a little girl.  Combined with her unruly blonde locks, her petite little mouth, and wearing nothing but a diaper, she is the epitome of a little Victorian cherub.  See? 
That's Kenners!

Luckily, as her baby chub begins to slowly melt away with each little dance and twirl she does on the living room floor, her cheeks remain as large as ever!  They are her trademark feature, and as I have been trying to teach Kenners to expand her vocabulary beyond just "hi", "eye", and "beep", getting her to say "cheeks" has been on the top of my list. 

For the past month or two, this little cherub has been able to point to all major body parts when asked: eyes, hair, ears, mouth, nose, belly button (called her "beep"), toes, etc.  But no luck with "cheeks".  She just stares blankly when I ask her where her cheeks are. 
Finally, the other day while I was pinching those doughy little cheeks and telling her just how much I loved them, she pushed my hands away, reached up and pinched them herself, then chirped, "Cheeks!"  Of course this was met with much clapping and several requests to repeat her new trick. 
Unfortunately since then, I can't get her to point to any other body part or say any other word.  All previous training and knowledge has somehow fallen out of her head and her vocabulary of late is just "cheeks!". 
At least she's got the most important stuff down......

Don't you just want to take a nibble??


Rachel said...

I love chubby cheeks! Brian also has those as a trademark, but he's starting to slim out so much I fear those cheeks might follow soon!

Claire Christensen said...

I can't wait to nibble on those yummy cheeks!!!

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