November 26, 2010

Add it to the "Bucket List"

Have you ever seen that movie, "The Bucket List"?

I was told that as a cancer nurse, I had to see it.  I was also told that I should have a box of Kleenex at my side.  Both were valuable pieces of advice.  And I would say that everyone should watch that movie, whether or not cancer has been a major part of your life or a loved one's life.  It's a cute and touching little flick for many reasons, but it definitely inspires me to set goals that will help me live and enjoy life to its fullest no matter what life brings.

As it turns out, I have been too lazy to write down an official Bucket List, but every once in awhile I will tell myself, "Oh, that sounds like fun!  Add it to my Bucket List."  Stuff like volunteering at a soup kitchen, or standing in Times Square to see the ball drop on New Year's Eve, or paying for a stranger's dinner at a restaurant.  But I've never actually written the list.  I've heard that a goal never written down is just a fleeting wish that will most likely never be realized.  Whether or not that's true,  don't worry, I'm not about to write a mile-long list.  I've become much too lazy of a blogger recently to tackle that project.  But I did think of one thing today to add to the list.  It's something I never thought I would EVER want to do, but I somehow feel like I'm missing out for never experiencing it.  So here it is:

I want go shopping on Black Friday. 

I know that sounds like a completely lame life-long goal, but I am NOT a shopper.  I'm a saver, to the max.  And shopping + crowds = double no-thank-you for me.  I have always avoided Black Friday like the plague.  But.....there is something a little appealing to the idea of saving 70% off some big item at 4am with thousands of other crazy people running around.  I probably will not enjoy it, but I kind of want to say that I did it.  Kind of like how even though I hate running, I would kind of like to run a 10k someday just so say that I did it (because there is no chance I will ever drag myself to run a marathon. or a half.). 

So here's my question: before I make Black Friday shopping a permanent goal on my non-existent bucket list, is it even worth it?  Or even a little bit of fun?  Should I be worried that I will get trampled or injured fighting for a $50 flat screen?

As of today, I am continuing my lifelong tradition of skipping the shopping madness.
But since I actually just put the goal in writing, maybe next year will find me up at an unearthly hour, standing in a long line somewhere?..... (the idea still makes me shudder just a little)   

1 comment:

Marc and Allison said...

Holly, me and my sisters are big into the Black Friday shopping. We have so much fun and you really get good deals. So if you are ever in Utah for Thanksgiving you will have to go with us!!!

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